10. Scan Menu
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Scanning: A scan is triggered


Cancel scan: The scan process is canceled


Activate start at scanner: If this setting is activated, the scans can be triggered via the buttons on the scanner, provided that the scanner is connected to BCS-2 via a plug-in.


Scanner Settings… :
The settings dialog of the connected scanner is opened. The setting options depend on the type of connection (BCS-2 Plugin/TWAIN) and the connected scanner.  Information on the setting options and special features of the scanner when connected via a BCS-2 Plugin is provided in the Scanner Plugins manual.


10.1 Save Scanner Settings
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With Save Scanner Settings the current settings are saved as default values. These settings can be loaded automatically after selecting the scanner or starting the BCS-2 program, or manually via the menu.


Save settings of the scanner: The current settings of the scanner are saved.  If the option Automatically open saved scanner settings at startup was activated in the BCS-2 Aminitrator (General Settings/ Scanner Settings menu), these saved settings are loaded as soon as the scanner is selected.


Load saved scanner settings: The settings saved for the currently selected scanner are loaded.


automatically load saved scanner settings when opening: The saved scanner settings are automatically loaded after selecting the corresponding scanner.


delete saved scanner settings: The saved default values are deleted after a query.

10.2 Save Scanner Settings as Profile
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Scan Profiles can be used to save the scanner settings under a name for different workflows and lighting conditions. Scan Profiles can then be quickly selected for each scan using the appropriate drop-down list on the toolbar.


Save current scanner settings as a new profile: The current scanner settings are saved as a profile under a name. The name of the new profile is entered in the dialog that appears and confirmed with OK.  The new scan profile is then available via the drop-down list.


Delete current scanner profile: The profile currently selected in the dropdown list is deleted after confirmation.


10.3 Operations after Scanning
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Functions can be performed automatically after a scan, so that an already post-processed image appears in the viewer. It is possible to select several functions that are performed one after the other. The order of execution is determined by the order of selection.

  • automatically rotate by 90° after the scan: The scan is rotated by 90°.
  • automatically rotate by 180° after the scan: The scan is rotated by 180
  • automatically rotate 270° after the scan: The scan is rotated by 270°.
  • Apply ImagePlus after the scan: The function ImagePlus (Rotation correction, deskew, cropping) is automatically executed.
  • Apply Deskew after the scan: The scan will be deskewed.
  • Use Despeckle after the scan: Spots (impurities) are removed from the image
  • Apply mirroring after the scan: The image is mirrored
  • Apply Invert after scan: The image colors are inverted