8. XML-Request Object
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xr.url|The URL to be used to access the remote service

xr.requestOk|True: the request succeeded xr.requestResult|The complete answer (XML-String) from the remote service xr.xmlParseErrorString|in case of Error: String containing further information about the error

— Functions: —

xr.performRequest(record_schema=“MARC21-xml“, max_records = 100, use_access_token = true);|Performs HTTP-GET with URL url xr.resetRequest();|resets all internal request-data from former requests xr.elementText(element_name);|searches for an Element in the DOM-Tree with tag_name „element“.

xr.elementTextByAttributeValue(element_name, attribute_name, attribute_value); xr.elementExists(parent_element, element); xr.clearMarcItemList();|clears the internel MARC-Item list (result of former request) xr.itemListLength();|gives the number of entries in the MARC-Item-List xr.fetchMarcItemList(path_to_list, list_element_name, path_to_items);|extracts the MARC-Item-List xr.addFetchItem(column_name, item_number, subfield_code, serial_type = „ALL“, prefix = „“) xr.marcItemListAsHtml(); xr.showMarcItemList(title = „“, information = „“ ); xr.resultColumn(col_num);