1. Preface and Program Start
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Referenced BCS-2 Version: 6.0.41

1.1 General Information
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1.1.1 Interfaces

In BCS-2 we distingish two interfaces, the start screen that appears after the program starts or when a job is closed and the job/user interface. The job/user interface appears when a new job is created or a job in the job list is selected and opened.

The toolbar layout in the job interface, the number and composition  of the toolbars can be designed by the administrator and arranged be the user.  The workflow defines further default view (one-image view, two-image view) and navigation settings for a job.

1.1.2 Image processing

Within  BCS-2  all images are saved as uncompressed TIFFs and a backup file is created for each image. The original state of an image can thus be restored until the user activly confirms the post processing steps or cuts an image, then a new backup file is created.


The behavior of BCS-2 after splitting or cropping an image and navigation is set in the workflow, which means that the program may react differently depending on the selected workflow.


Almost all image post processing functions, as well as the OCR, can also be performed in batch for the whole or parts of a job. OCR and cutting functions (masks, areas/tiles, splitting lines, etc.) are set and carried out using the menu items Configure Tiles and Splitlines for the Job and Apply an Operation on the Job. Simple image processing functions, such as Deskew can also be applied on several or the all images of a job by marking the thumbnails of the specific images (CTRL and mouse click) or all thumbnails of the job(CTRL + A).

1.1.3 Workflow

A BCS-2 workflow defines the scan and post processing process of a job. Job and page indexes, output formats and job transfer, indexing, view and masking options are defined. In addition post processing steps can be automated to run at certain stages of the workflow with the help of scripting. Apart from the scanner settings the user has to make no further workflow adjustments in the application.

1.2 Manual
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The following chapters explain the BCS-2 menus and image post processing features. The administration and configuration of workflows and the application are explained in the BCS-2 Administrator manual.

1.3 Program start
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The BCS-2 V6 application is started via the corresponding icon on the desktop.

After starting the program, the start screen of BCS-2 appears.