1. Installation
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1.1 Installation requirements
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1.1.1 Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • x86-PC with multi-core processor > 2,2 Ghz.
  • hard drive with 20 GB free space
  • 4 GB Memory
  • Screen Size 17 inch

1.1.2 Recommended Hardware

  • x86-PC with multi-core processor > 3 Ghz
  • hard drive with 50 GB free space
  • 8 GB Memory
  • Screen Size 22 inch
Please note the scanner-specific connection requirements, when the network (intranet / internet) and scanner operation are parallel.

1.1.3 Software Requirements

  • Windows 10
  • Administrator rights for installation.
  • Read and write rights in the BCS-2 program-, data- and job-directories for further user accounts of the computer

1.2 Additional Hardware Recommendation depending on Workflow
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1.2.1 Using OCR with an high amount of coloured and grayscale scans

  • x86-PC with multi-core processor > 3 Ghz.
  • hard drive with 50 GB free space
  • 16 GB Memory
  • Screen Size 17 inch

Note for using ABBYY OCR Engine
to edit multiliturally documents at least 1 GB RAM, recommended: 1,5GB
Hard disk: 800 MB needed for installation of the library and 100 MB program operation plus 15 MB for each page of a multiliturally document.
More Informationen on the ABBYY page.

1.2.2 Reproduction and Retro Digitisation

  • x86-PC with multi-core processor > 3 Ghz.
  • hard drive with 1000 GB free space
  • 16 GB Memory

1.3 Installation
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BCS-2 internally stores all images as uncompressed TIFFs. If you plan to have a large number of jobs or jobs with large data volume in BCS-2, please ensure that there is enough hard disk space available for the configuration folder, which is stored under C: \ ProgramData \ ImageWareComponents \ BCS2_V6 in the normal setup.
  • The installation is performed via the bcs2_V6_prof_setup. Please run the SetUp and follow the installation instructions.
  • If you wish to install the configuration directory of BCS-2 on a drive differing from C, please use the Expert Mode.
  • Upon completion of the BCS-2 Professional installation you will have two new icons on your desktop. BCS-2 V6 Administrator for the workflow and scanner configuration and the program BCS-2 V6.
  • The BCS-2 V6 Administrator will automatically start after the setup, provided that you didn´t uncheck Launch BCS-2 V6 Administrator in the last setup step.

After the first program start a message will appear that the licence is invalid. Please confirm this message and then open the dialog Software Registration …. in the menu Administration. Please keep your BCS-2 licence certificate ready when registering your software.

1.4 Update and Upgrade
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New program versions and upgrades can be installed by an update. We pay attention that all versions are down- and upgrade compatible.

Please create a complete BCS-2 Backup or at least a Backup of the main 
configuration settings (Workflows, Licence, Journal, ...) before update.

If you have BCS-2 installed allready, a setup inquiery will ask you to update BCS-2. Please confirm and check path of the installation folder. If the path is correct, confirm with OK. After that, you will be led to BCS-2 Setup.

If you want to reinstall the program, we recommand to create a Backup and uninstall the old version first.Then please delete all folders, ProgramData, programs and the BCS-2 Key, before you reinstall BCS-2.