5. Image operation
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5.1 How can I increase the image quality of PDF file generation?
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The quality for the PDF generation is regulated in the Scan Order Options. There, select the PDF button and activate the check mark Convert TIFF/Grayscale/Color Images to JPEG at the PDF settings. To increase the quality enter a value higher than the suggested default value (75).

5.2 Why does multiple rotating or deskewing distort the scan?
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When rotating or straightening an image, BCS-2 changes the position of the pixels within the image. This is done either on the basis of a specified or an automatically calculated angle. The software first tries to determine the best way to improve the image. The correction angle is also calculated for automatic straightening. Once the method and angle are determined, BCS-2 deskwes the image.

Both functions influence the quality of the image of an image, since they leave traces in the image (e.g. stair formation) with every use. A larger rotation angle usually gives a better result than a smaller one. If these functions are executed multiple times, the correction angle becomes smaller with each repetition and the blurriness thus becomes larger. They should therefore only be executed once on an image if possible. If automatic deskewing or rotation does not produce the desired result, use manual deskewing.