1. Questions to maintenance and support of BCS-2 Classic
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1.1 Can I subsequently upgrade my BCS-2 Classic to the latest version?
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No, after a long consideration period, no upgrade are offered since 1.1.2022. As an alternative we offer the upgrade to BCS-2 Office or Professional BCS-2 Office/Professional. For this purpose please send us your BCS-2 Licence number and a copy of the invoice with which you purchased the BCS-2 Classic to info@imageware.de.

1.2 Can I subsequently cover BCS-2 Classic with maintenance and support?
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No, BCS-2 Classic licences can only be covered with maintenance for 12 months until 31.12.2023 at the latest when the licence is purchased. Support and maintenance for BCS-2 Classic ends on the 31.12.2023.

Note: For the successor BCS-2 Office longer-term maintenance and support contracts are available beyond 1.1.2024.

1.3 Which version of BCS-2 Classic is supported with the maintenance contract?
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The Version supported is V3.12 BCS-2 V3.12 – IWC-Manuals (englisch) (imageware.de). Please note that scanners, which are not explicitly listed, are not part of the support and maintenance contract.