2. Questions to the installation
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2.1 Why is my BCS-2 Classic only valid until 2020?
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On BCS-2 Classic license certificates created before 2016 “2020” is entered as expiration date. This end date is also displayed in the BCS-2 Classic application.The expiration date “2020” served only as a stop mark and has no effect. In certificates issued since 2016 the term “unlimited” has been set for the validity of the licence.

BCS-2 Classic licenses are indefinitely valid. Licenses that are covered with a maintenance and support package (PSP) can be used without hesitation. Licenses without PSP are also usable, as long as the technical environment, such as operating system, scanner firmware, etc., does not change.

2.2 Why am I getting the error message – Licence expired – valid until the 31.12.2020? 
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 When using a very outdated BCS-2 Classic Version with the no longer supported Microsoft products XP, W7, W8.1 error messages may have been appearing since the 01.01.2021.  

This applies to following versions: 

  • BCS-2 Classic V3.2, which was developed for Windows XP and for which the prerequisite is the use of Windows XP (End of Life:  8. May 2014) 
  • BCS-2 Classic V3.4, which was developed for Windows 7 and for which the prerequisite is the use of Windows 7 (End of Life 14. Januar 2020)  

From the BCS-2 Classic Version 3.6 onwards (delivery beginning from the 13.01.2014) the error message no longer occurs.  

If you are still using Windows XP/7/8.1 and have received this error message, please contact your sales partner from which you purchased BCS-2 Classic.  

Send him an email for each BCS-2 licence until the 30.04.2021 containing following information:  

  1.    BCS-2 licence file (in a standard installation you will find it here: C:\ProgramData\ImageWareComponents\BCS2\license_files) 
  2. BCS-2 support form  

Both files may be found via the BCS-2 Help menu ( see: Help Menu – IWC-Manuals (englisch) (imageware.de)) and can be copied into an email.  

To accelerate the processing please write „BCS-2 classic expired“ and the respective BCS-2 licence number e.g. 0004712 into the subject field.  

Your sales partner will forward the email to us after checking the data. In case of a valid, legally acquired and non-returned licence we will patch the licence file with the new date 30.12.2027. You will receive the new licence file from your sales partner.  

Due to the current Covid-19 situation processing will take place as soon as complete license information is available according to the following priorities: 

  1. BCS-2 licences with a care and support package: Upgrade within 24h 
  2. BCS-2 licences with an upcoming 64-bit upgrade to BCS-2 Office/Professional for Window 10 and Bookeye 5: within 48 h 
  3. BCS-2 licences which were purchased after the 1.1.2011 (deadline 10 years): within 5-10 workdays. 
  4. All licences that do not belong to the variants 1-3 will be processed according to the FIFO rule.  Depending on the number of requests according to 1-3, a processing time of 7-14 days can be assumed.  

Note: Missing information or emails with more than one licence will lead to a delay and will be processed subordinated. If incorrect/outdated licence files for a licence were sent and a patch is requested again for this licence file, EUR 245,- will be charged as a service fee for the renewed patch.   

Information: Only the current version V3.12 of BCS-2 Classic is still being supported. See  BCS-2 V3.12 – IWC-Manuals (englisch) (imageware.de)  

Recommendation: Contact your sales partner with regard to an upgrade to the latest Windows 10 surrounding with a current BCS-2 Classic Version 3.12. In Germany and Switzerland, the BCS-2 Classic Version was replaced on the 1.1.2019 through BCS-2 Professional/Office, the 64-bit version was especially developed for Windows 10 and IP-6 und supports the latest scanner models such as the Bookeye 5.  

Disclaimer:   According to the current state of technology and the requirements of the GDPR and IT security, Windows XP, Windows 7/8.1 may no longer be in operation in some countries, authorities, companies. Operation based on the discontinued Windows/BCS-2 versions is at the user’s own risk and responsibility.