2. Capturing Indexes via Barcode
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Capturing indexes via barcode is the easiest way of categorizing a scan order or identifying the original document. Up to nine order indexes (keys) can be defined in the Order Options for each order-type and, if desired, displayed via one of the following supported barcodes on the first page of the order.

  • UPC-A / -E
  • Code 39 / -128
  • EAN8 / -13
  • Interleaved 215
  • ITF

This way, for example, the customer and order numbers can be assigned to each scan order. The order sheet will need to be scanned as the first page of the scan order, so that the barcode information can be automatically read and registered.

When working with indexes in BCS-2 ® following applies:

  • For each Order-Type individual lists of order indexes can be created and managed.
  • In the dialog window that appears after the first page of an order has been scanned, it is possible to administer a separate list for each individual key (index).
  • To the right of the input field (in which the lists can also be selected) the number of entries is displayed.
  • A button exists for each of the up to nine indexes to transfer the current entry into the list, or to remove the current entry from the list.
  • The lists are stored in the same folder as the scan orders. The files are named after the corresponding order-type, for example for “Standard” orders: “Std_KEYS.DAT”.
  • Each entry has its own row, and each row starts with the number of the index.
Barcode Position with Information Pop-up
Barcode Position with Information Pop-up