3. Basic functions and organization
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3.1 Launching the Software
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When launching the program the driver for the scanner, selected in the previous BCS-2® session, is loaded. If the scanner is not turned on or otherwise occupied an error message will appear. The appropriate scanner then has to be selected over the menu “Scanner”. After the successful start of the program the main window of BCS-2® will appear. The user interface is described in more detail in the following chapters.

3.2 Organization of the Main Window
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BCS-2®`s organization is based on the common interface found in many Windows programs. Beneath the Title Bar, in which the installed version of the software and the current order-mode is displayed, you will find the Menu Bar.

bcs2_menubarMenu Bar

Every menu which can be found in the Menu Bar is described in its own chapter within this manual.

The Tool Bar is beneath the Menu Bar is , it is possible to swap the position of the two bars by choosing either bar with a left mouse click and dragging it up or down, depending on the bar selected.

800px-bcs2_toolbarTool Bar

The Tool Bar gives quick access to the most important functions of the program. The buttons are sorted into groups of “similar” functions. Should the meaning of a button be unclear, move the cursor over the respective button, a short description will immediately appear in the status bar at the bottom of the main window. If your cursor rests over the button for a short time, a small yellow window will appear giving a brief description of the button (Mouse-Over-Effect).


When working with BCS-2® the buttons in the Tool Bar are the quickest and most convenient way to use specific functions, for example rotate an image by 90 degrees. If a section in the manual discusses a function that can also be activated over a button, the appropriate button will be mentioned in the corresponding chapter

Beneath the Tool Bar the Order Bar can be found, here all significant settings concerning the scan process may be adjusted.

800px-bcs2_orderbar2Order Bar

The Order bar can be placed anywhere in the BCS-2® window, right click on the Order bar to reach the options Floating and Docking. Select the option Floating to minimize the bar, it will now only show the command scan, to adjust the size move the cursor to either side of the bar and adjust the window with a right click and dragging the cursor until all needed features are show. To restore the original BCS-2 setup, select the option Docking.

The BCS-2® Work surface consisting of two parts can be found beneath the Order Bar:

  • On the right side, each opened or scanned image is displayed in a separate window, the Image viewer.
  • At the same time the thumbnails of the currently open order are displayed on the left side. By clicking on a thumbnail, the respective image is opened in the Image viewer.

3.3 Order Bar Settings
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The Order bar provides quick access to certain order based actions and options. Available options (from left to right):

  • Pressing the Scan button will trigger a single scan, if the order-type Single is selected (order-type for single scans). The scanned image will appear on the left as a thumbnail and on the right in its own window. In all other order-types pressing the button Scan will initiate the creation of a new order, and then it will start a scan if Start with Program has been selected in the “Order Options”.
  • The Order-Type can be selected in the first dropdown menu (the illustration above shows “Standard” as the selected order-type).
  • The second dropdown menu can be used to select the format/size of the scan region, depending on the format of the document that is to be scanned. The document you wish to scan should be placed in the appropriate area of the scanner.
  • The third dropdown menu adjusts the resolution. Changing the resolution will directly affect the size of the file and quality of the image.
  • The fourth dropdown menu (the active menu in the screenshot above) changes the page setup. The orientation can be set to either portrait (vertical format) or landscape (horizontal format).
  • To adjust brightness and contrast directly at the scanner select the checkbox Bright. at Scanner.

When the checkbox Bright. at Scanner is not selected , brightness and contrast can be adjusted using the two sliders. The range of the adjustment depends on the scanner in use.

  • When using a scanner with a document feeder via a TWAIN connection, selecting the ADF (Automatic document feeder) box will enable a batch scan.
  • If a scanner with a document feeder is connected to BCS-2® over the ImageWare generic HPSC the batch scan button can be used to activate a batch scan, if this is the case don´t activate the ADF. The batch scan button can only be seen when you are working in the Order-Mode.

3.4 Edit Image Shortcut
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Open the context menu “Edit Image” with a right click on the image in the Image viewer. The menu contains standard options such as zooming in and out, rotating, despeckle, etc.

All menu points included in the context menu can also be accessed via the menus in the menu bar and are explained in the appropriate chapter of this manual.

Attention: The displayed functions in the context menu change when multi-masking is active.

3.4.1 Key Bindings

It is possible to almost exclusively operate the BCS-2® software with your keyboard:

Key Function
ESC Leave current order (order-mode)Close current image (in order-type “Single”)
1 Help
F2 View image in original size
F3 Fit image to height of window
F4 Fit image to width of window
F5 Fit image to window
F6 Use despeckle on current image
F7 Use deskew on current image
F8 Display in greyscale (only for bitonal images)
F9 Toggle scan to print function
STRG+F9 Rotate wide images on print
SHIFT+F5 When assigning barcode positions: delete all rectangles
SHIFT+F9 Save current order as Multi-TIFF
F11 Split page mode on/off
SHIFT+F11 Mask on /off
H If Mask is active: toggle separation line in mask
STRG+A Maximize window automatically
STRG+C Copy selection to clipboard
STRG+M Send current image via e-mail (order-type Single)
Send current order via e-mail (other order-types)
STRG+O Open file
STRG+P Print current image or order
STRG+S Start scan or order
STRG+V Paste from the clipboard
STRG+X Cut to the clipboard
STRG+Z Undo changements on current page
Arrow left Scroll image left
Arrow right Scroll image right
Pfeil oben Scroll image up
Arrow up Scroll image down
Page up Thumbnail bar: move up one image
Page down Thumbnail bar: move up one image
Enter Thumbnail bar: open/activate selected image