14. Help Menu
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14.1 Help, Documentation and Information
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The Help menu offers access to following functions:

Product User Help

Opens a PDF Version of the current online manual.

Application User Help

Opens the document to which you referred in the System Settings… . For example your own personal notes to BCS-2®, or an individual user help text.

Show online manual

The online manual is invoked via https://manuals.imageware.de/en/BCS-2_user_manual

Show Keyboard Short-Cuts

All available shortcuts and transaction codes will be displayed in a standard web browser.

Documentation of System Variables

The name, category, English and German descriptions and the value of variables are displayed in an HTML table in the standard web browser.

ImageWare Components Homepage

https://www.imageware.de/en is opened in the standard web browser.

About BCS-2®

Here you will find a short summary of your installed BCS-2®, the licensed options, and among other things the expiration date of the currently used license are displayed. Here you may also find the shortcut to the scan_data files.

14.2 Support
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Support will be provided only the latest BCS-2 release see https://manuals.imageware.de/en/bcs-2/bcs-2-classic/release-notes/

Should you need additional support or help, select the appropriate support form in the Help menu.

Prepare support form for printing

opens a text file containing the technical data of your installation. You can complete the form by adding a precise description of the error and your contact data. Once completed, the text can be attached to an e-mail Please make sure to always include your license number and program version!