3. Page Index Window
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The page index window can be opened via the button Page index which can be found in the Order Options Window.


Page Index Administration
Page Index Administration

3.1 Settings
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Page Index Settings
Page Index Settings

If the option Allow edit only for currently active hierarchy level is selected, only indexes of the same hierarchy as the currently selected index field can be edited. The text size within the index fields can be adjusted via text size.

3.1.1 Function keys for the direct navigation to the index fields

Function keys to directly navigate to index fields can be defined here: – Function key default (F1= index field 1 etc.) – SHIFT + Function key – CTRL + Function key – SHIFT + CTRL + Function key

3.1.2 Indexes with auto-increment option

The following options are available for indexes with the auto-increment functionality:

Reset automatically to start-value in case of a change of a higher index

If an index with the auto-increment functionality is assigned to a hierarchy level for example hierarchy level 3, this index is reset to its defined initial value if an index of hierarchy level 1 or 2 is changed.

Reset to start-value with SHIFT+ SPACE

The index value can be reset to its initial value with this key combination.