4. Perform OCR
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4.1 Performe OCR on image
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Two commands can trigger the text recognition function:

Perform OCR …

Performs text recognition on the current image. Selectable via menu item OCR in the Image menu or by pressing the key O.


OCR, Drag Zone with Mouse

A desired area in which text recognition is to take place can be selected with the mouse.Selectable via the Imagetool button OCR or the menu item OCR in the Image menu.

Is the option: display unicode-editor after manual OCR? active, the unicode-editor will pop-up after performing a manual OCR

4.2 Further commands
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Select OCR language

is called up in the same way as in the OCR-Editor


OCR overwiew on all images of the scan-order

Refers to the Operation: OCR settings for individual pages


OCR settings of current page

Refers to the Operation: OCR settings for individual pages


show OCR-text as unicode, if possible

calls up the Unicode editor that prints the internal Unicode detection that is internally stored. Correction of the text is no longer possible in this state, but it is used to display the recognition that is included in the searchable PDF – provided that it changes the image before the PDF is created, then the result of the recognition may differ.