7. BCS-2 V3.6.12
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Release date 10.01.2013

BCS-2® release 3.6.12 comprises concrete bug-fixes for bugs that have occurred in the direct customer environment since the release of BCS-2® 3.6.3. Furthermore, the release provides the following new features and modifications:

7.1 Basic version
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7.1.1 Windows 8

It is now possible to install BSC-2® on Microsoft’s operating system Windows 8.

7.1.2 Language support

Language support for Russian and Spanish user interfaces was updated and improved.

7.1.3 WebPublisher

BSC-2® now includes a default template for testing the WebPublisher that can be imported via Extras->Web publisher settings. The template file, which can be adjusted individually after the import, is called iwcwww_std_v01_lokal.bin and can be found in the BSC-2® data folder.

7.1.4 ICC profiles

ICC profiles can now also be attached to / detached from complete scan orders. Scan orders can be selected through the scan order list. The corresponding action can be selected from the context menu (right click within the order list). ICC profiles can also be attached/detached using the background module.

7.1.5 System settings

It is now possible to deactivate the improved refresh of the user interface which is activated by default. This option is needed to constantly refresh the user interface during operations that use a progress bar. In some cases this may lead to performance issues in BCS-2® when using the Start at scanner operating mode for Bookeye® devices. In this case the option should be deactivated.

7.1.6 Start at Scanner

If you are experiencing issues with starting, transferring or re-scanning a scan order while using the Start at scanner mode, please deactivate the improved refresh of the user interface within the system settings. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please change the operating mode to Start with program. As a workaround solution we recommend to use an USB foot switch that is directly connected to the PC.

7.1.7 Bookfold Correction Settings for Bookeye® devices

The Bookfold correction settings in the Scanner menu have been omitted. The threshold may still be configured in the settings for the Search area for auto-format within the Network scanner settings.

7.1.8 Thumb Removal Settings for Bookeye® Devices

The new mode Bookfan allows an improved cropping of the actual text area. It can be activated via Scanner->Thumb removal settings. Best results are achieved when the Bookeye® scanner is set to Bookfold mode (instead of Flat, V-mode or Auto).

7.2 Additional modules
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7.2.1 Batch module

LZW compression is now available for TIFF conversions. It is applicable for standard transfer operations via the order list as well as for transfer operations via ExportSuite. OCR module

If the active ABBYY® dongle does not support PDF export, an error message will pop up during the PDF creation attempt. No clicks will be deducted.

7.2.2 PDF suite (formerly PDF module and PDF/A module)

PDF/A files will now be created even when the bookmark (denotation of each page) is empty.

7.2.3 ExportSuite

It is now possible to use LZW compression for TIFF conversion in the ExportSuite. Until now LZW compression was only available for MTIFF creation.

7.3 Scanner connectivity
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7.3.1 Bookeye ® 4

It is now possible to use BCS-2® with firmware release 5.80 and higher. Firmware releases 5.80, 5.82 and 6.0 were explicitly tested with BCS-2® 3.6.12.

7.3.2 Zeutschel OS15000

The LED lights on the scanbed are now supported through the optional Zeutschel HPSC plugin. When using the scanner with a newly installed system the LED lights will only be activated an supported through BCS-2® after the correct driver has been installed. Before the driver installation a unknown device may appear in the device manager in the Windows control panel.

7.4 Software maintenance
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Reminder: With the release of BCS-2® 3.6 the maintenance of version 3.4.10 and previous versions was discontinued.