1. Error Messages
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1.1 What does the error message ERR_XMLRPC_UPLOAD_ORIGINAL mean?
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This error message occurs when BCS-2 is missing a file that MyBib eDoc expects. The complete error message is:


For order „XYZ“ the required file no. 1 could not be  found in the expected location.“.

The cause is usually an incorrect setting in the peer of MyBib eDoc (scan client) or the transfer destination for uploading the scans. Please check the following settings in your MyBib eDoc system one after the other.

  1. Upload TargetUpload Target in your scan client settings (Settings → Peer systems → Scan clients → List of scan clients). This must correspond to the active transfer target for scan clients, which you configure under “Settings → Transfer management → Transfer target client upload”.
  2. Format settings of all configured delivery formats. “Client-side” should be selected here if BCS-2 should generate this format. Otherwise, please set to “server-side”.
  3. The MyBib functions of your BCS-2 do not correspond to the functions of the scan client stored in MyBib eDoc. These must correspond to each other. For example, if you have set eDoc in the functions “Scan and OCR” in MyBib, then in the workflow of BCS-2 in the MyBib functions “Scan” and “Perform OCR” must be checked.