2. Job Variables
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job.nameJob name, such as JOB_00000010
job.fileFormatJob file format
job.folderFolder where BCS-2 stores the job
job.numPagesNumber of pages in the job
job.currPageNumber of the current job page
job.jobSizeJob size, approximate value
job.averageSharpnessAverage sharpness of the pages of the job
job.keyMapAllows access to the key map of the job
job.index1-xAccess to the created indexes of 1-x
job.deletableDeletes the job after the configured wait period
job.workFlowReturns the workflow to which the job is connected
job.startedReturns whether the job was started
job.modifiedReturns whether the job was modified
job.currYearJob creation date year
job.currMonthJob creation date month
job.currDayJob creation date day
job.currHourJob creation date hour
job.currMinuteJob creation date minutes
job.currSecondJob creation date seconds
job.changeDpiCurrPage(300)Sets the DPI of the current page to 300
job.rotateCurrPage(90)Rotate the current page 90°
job.grayScaleCurrPage()Converts the current page to grayscale
job.binarizeCurrPage()Binarizes the current page
job.invertCurrPage()Inverts the current page
job.dewarpCurrPage()Rectifies the current page
job.derotateCurrPage()Undo rotation for the current page
job.blackBorderRemoveCurrPage()Removes black border
job.mirrorCurrPage()Mirrors the current page
job.scaleToDpiCurrPage(300)Scales the image to 300 DPI
job.despeckleCurrPage()Despeckles the current page
job.deskewCurrPage()Deskewing the current page
job.filterGrayscaleCurrPage()Grayscale filter for the current page
job.cleanBackgroundCurrPage()Clean up the background for the current page
job.cropCurrPage()Crops the current page
job.autocropCurrPage()Automatically crops the current page
job.doUnsharpMaskCurrPage(5, 1.0)
job.kittlerBinarizeCurrPage()Binarizes the current page using the Kittler algorithm
job.otsuBinarizeCurrPage()Binarizes the current page using the OTSU method
job.sauvolaBinarizeCurrPage()Binarizes the current page using the Sauvola method
job.removeRingBinderHolesCurrPage()Removes copied ring binder holes
job.findBookFoldCurrPage()Detects book folds on the pages