7. Scaner Object
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sc.id()ID of the scanner
sc.name()Name of the scanner
sc.scan(wait_for_completion = true)Starts a scan
sc.abort()Aborts a scan
sc.scanSettings()Scanner settings
sc.scanDpi200()Scans with a resolution of 200 dpi
sc.scanDpi300()Scans with a resolution of 300 dpi
sc.scanDpi400()Scans with a resolution of 400 dpi
sc.scanBpp1()Scans with a color depth of 1 bit per Pixel
sc.scanBpp8()Scans with a color depth of 8 bit per Pixel
sc.scanBpp24()Scans with a color depth of 24 bit per Pixel
sc.scanFormatMAX()Large-format scanning
sc.scanFormatA1()Scanning A1 format
sc.scanFormatA2()Scanning A2 format
sc.scanFormatA3()Scanning A3 format
sc.scanFormatA4()Scanning A4 format
sc.scanFormatA5()Scanning A5 format
sc.scanFormatUsLedger()Scanning in US ledger format format
sc.scanFormatUsLegal()Scanning in US-Legal format
sc.scanFormatUsLetter()Scanning in US letter format
sc.scanDocmodeFlat()Scanning in flat mode
sc.scanDocmodeBook()Scanning in book mode
sc.scanDocmodeFolder()Scanning in folder mode
sc.scanDocmodeFixed()Scanning in fixed mode
sc.scanDocmodeGlassplate()Scanning in glassplate mode
sc.scanDocmodeAuto()Automatic scanning
sc.scanDocmodeV()Scanning in “V” mode