5. Script Utility Object
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ut.setInformation(“title”, “message”);Sets title and information for information box
ut.showInformation();Shows information box
ut.hideInformation();Hides information box
ut.notifyUser(“title”, “message”);Displays information box, user must confirm
ut.alertUser(“title”, “message”);Displays alert information box, user must confirm
ut.askUser(“title”, “question”);
ut.askUserString(“title”, “label_text”, user_string);
ut.formatNumber(number, num_digits = 8, ch = “0”)Reformatting the stored string to numbers
ut.subString(str, start_pos, length = -1);Searches for a string with the specified start position and length
ut.toUpper(str);Converts the stored string to uppercase
ut.toLower(str);Converts the stored string to lowercase
ut.reverse(str);Inverts the stored string
ut.startsWith(str, start_str);Returns strings with the specified initial strings.
ut.md5(str);Converts the specified string to an MD-5 hash
ut.makeFileName(str);Sets the file name
ut.makeFilePath(str);Sets the path
ut.makeVariable(var_name, value = “”);Creates a variable with the specified value
ut.appType();Prints the type of application
ut.dateTime();: Standard Format: „YYYY_MM_dd“
    • Year, four digits
    • Month, two digits
    • Day, two digits
    • seperated by underscore ‚_‘
  • ut.createCompletePath(path);
    • With this function you are able to create a directory hierarchy in one step