1. Preface
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Thank you for your trust. With BCS-2 you have chosen a scanning and post-processing client developed for the digitization and indexing requirements in science and services.

This manual describes the administration, configuration and functionalities of BCS-2 Office and BCS-2 Professional.

On our own behalf

ImageWare GmbH is partner and service provider for companies, authorities and institutions in the fields of education and science. We are not active in the private customer business.

We therefore assume that the PCs on which our software BCS-2 is installed, are used exclusively for operational purposes and do not contain any private and/or personal data of users.

If there are personal or private data on the PCs, technical and organizational measures must be taken to ensure that these are not stored on the drives relevant to us.

If the PCs are not used for business purposes, we have to refuse support calls or training courses and ask you to reproduce the support case on a PC that is used purely for business purposes. Thank you for your understanding!