2. Basic
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2.1 Windows 11
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BCS-2 is compatible with Windows 11 starting with version 6.2.

2.2 Split Lines
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Split lines in masks are now automatically centerable.

2.3 Transactions Codes for Keyboards
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The list of transaction codes has been extended: Transaction Codes – IWC-Manuals (englisch) (imageware.de).

2.4 System Journal
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System journal to prove the “change of system environment and application parameters” for faster support and simple quality assurance of processes.

2.5 Conversion to “Start on the device” – Changed behavior with Bookeye scanners
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If “Start-on-Device” is active and you want to initiate an image, navigation, C3Plus or OCR operation, the:

  • the scan loop is aborted,
  • BCS-2 displays a pop-up window with which the scan loop can be restarted.

If you find this irritating, we recommend switching to “Start by Program” and using an external foot switch or a corresponding keyboard.

2.6 Scanner Settings Dialog
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Equipping the dialog with tabs: The most important settings are now subsumed in the “Basic Settings” tab. All others are located in the “Special Settings” tab. This makes the dialog clearer and the most important settings are manageable at a glance.

2.7 Job List: Thumbnail Preview
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The display of the thumbnails for the selected job in the job list can be switched via the menu. Background: Jobs with many images delay the display of the thumbnails. Optionally, the display of the thumbnails is now completely suppressable. The setting stores BCS-2 persistently, i.e. it is retained the next time the program is started.

2.8 Troubleshooting Viewer Issues
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Elimination of various problems and discrepancies regarding the “Image Viewer”:

  • Division of the module into two submodules
  • Removal of the black pixel line on the right edge
  • Troubleshoot scrolling issues

Problem with zooming in the viewer to the right in certain situations:

This is not a bug: This is caused by toolbar entries, which become significantly longer due to the display of texts, e.g. when using information panels for MyBib eDoc or for OCR.

The window must then be enlarged to the right, otherwise the text will not be readable. Remedy:

  • Other toolbar configuration
  • Move information panels to your own toolbars

2.9 JPEG 2000 as file format
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JPEG 2000 is now selectable as an image format:

  • Valid for transfer destinations
  • Valid for the “Save as…” dialog (job or image)

2.10 Switching of “smooth scaling” now possible
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If there are problems with activated “smooth scaling” in the viewer, this function can now be deactivated if necessary.

2.11 New SSH classes
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New SSH classes have been stored.