1.1 Preface
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With the next release, we will be introducing BCS-2 versions for Apple macOS and Linux.

We will also be optimising the BCS-2 OCR Suite function block with Tesseract in several areas.

1.2 Improvements and Features
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1.2.1 BCS-2 Professional for Apple macOS

We have implemented a version of BCS-2 Professional compatible with Apple macOS for pilot customers. This BCS-2 version runs on Apple devices with M1 and M2 processors. In terms of functionality, the Apple version differs only minimally from the Windows version. We document these differences in a separate chapter. (RM#3848)

1.2.2 BCS-2 for Linux

We are also implementing a BCS-2 version with Tesseract 5 for customers with Linux systems, which can run on Ubuntu Linux systems. (RM#1000)


We are currently working on a plug-in for the CANON cameras EOS/MARK II/III. (RM#331)

1.2.4 Extraction of OCR Page Numbers

BCS-2 extracts the page numbers from an OCR created with Tesseract and assigns them to the page index (RM#4101).

1.2.5 Warning of Missing Memory Space

In future, BCS-2 will warn its users if there is too little or no storage space available for the images to be scanned when scanning a job. Scans are then not possible. (RM#2377)

1.2.6 Gutters and Split Lines

In the case of overlapping gutters, BCS-2 also moves the split lines together. (RM#4090)

1.2.7 Automatic Display of Scroll Bars when Zooming

BCS-2 automatically activates scroll bars as soon as a user enlarges an image beyond the visible image area. (RM#3899)

1.3 Bugfixes
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1.3.1 Transfer Status

BCS-2 no longer displays the transfer status of a faulty SFTP transfer in the “Transfer” field in green – i.e. as successfully transferred. (RM#4087)