5. Start/End/Global Conditions
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There are 3 types of conditions, Start, End and Global describing each of them an item with its predicates independently. All predicates of one condition have to be valid at the same time to be active. Thus, they define the item more detailed and facilitate finding the item in the text. Conditions define the position and also function of the predicates in order to differentiate between items.

5.1 Start
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Start condition includes every predicate which defines the first word of an item. If there is no predicate selected the first word in the order will be taken.

5.2 End
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End condition includes every predicate which defines the last word of an item. If there is no predicate selected the start condition of the next item will be selected.

5.3 Global
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Global condition is a very powerful function which can be used in three different cases:

  1. Only global condition has a predicate:

The item is found if for a number of words all predicates of the global condition had been valid and the search ends when the following word does not fit in the predicate anymore.

  1. As in one, plus active filter mode:

In this case, every single word which fits into the predicate is considered as part of the item. So the strict word order does not matter.

It is recommended to use filter mode only for the last item of the search sequence or if single words should be extracted from the text by using the respective predicates.

  1. Global condition in addition to Start and/or End condition:

In this case the global condition works like a filter function. The item is found as soon as the start and end conditions are fullfilled. Global condition is an additional criteria. Thus, certain text blocks can be filtered in a specified paragraph. Alternatively, this filter functions allows to search for text blocks between Start and End condition similiar to a stop-word filter in order to ignore individual text parts.

For all conditions parameter can be defined to decide whether the word corresponding to the criteria should be added to the results or not. In the second case, for the Start and End condition the start and end of an identified text block can be pushed forward or back. In the case of global condition, all words, described by none of the choosen predicates explicitly, are considered part of the result.

These helpful tools allow to find text even if it is difficult to define the first or the last word and it might appear easier to choose the next word or the one before. There are also parameters for all three cases which can be set:

5.4 Parameter
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  • Inclusive – The first word is part of the item (on/off). This can be helpful if it is different to define start or end word.
  • Filter Mode – Changes the function of the global condition as described above (on/off).