3. C-3 Plus FreeformSuite Short cuts
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These are the FreeformSuite shortcuts:

Editor Button Keyboard Short Cut Description
Fetch all Transfer single selected areas into Freeform Editor
Special Characters STRG-S Open Special Characters Editor
Mark as TOC STRG+ I or STRG+1 Mark text as table of content entry
Mark as Title STRG-T or STRG+3 Mark text as title
Mark as Subtitle STRG+SHIFT+T Mark text as subtitle
Mark as Authors STRG-U or STRG+2 Mark text as author
Mark as Page STRG-P or STRG+4 Mark text as page number
Mark as Abstract Mark text as abstract
Save Save progress
Settings Settings for the automatic C-3 Plus Engine in the Freeform Editor
Extract Extract all defined information into C-3 Plus Editor.