1.1 C-3 Plus
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C-3 Plus is a semi-automatic programme for the indexing of tables of content/directories. It is a time-saving method and it simultaneaously enriches the results with further metadata (e.g. GND-ID/integrated authority file-ID).

C-3 Plus consists of two parts: TemplateSuite and FreeFormSuite. The FreeFormSuite can be purchased as a stand-alone tool.

C-3 Plus is an integral part of the BCS-2 software and is not separately available.

1.2 Operating Mode
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C-3 Plus requires the OCR data of the document. It works with ABBYY 10 or Tesseract and is able to access the results of both OCR engines. The results and usability of the data varies between the two OCR engines. Momentarily we prefer ABBYY as the current Tesseract engine is not able to recognise the font sizes correctly.

C-3 Plus is also an instrument for searching words and wordsets. The amount of words are assigned to the respective text components in a table of contents. In order to search for the respective word in the document, the programme can access single letters of words, lines of a text, sections and text blocks that include the word.

The assignment of the respective words to the corresponding parts of the document is basically done by the OCR engine. In special cases, words can also be re-sorted (please see chapter: Text re-sorting).

Before using C-3 Plus, it is necessary to mark one or more areas in the document. This can be done manually or with assistance of the automatic area  detector in BCS-2 Professional. C-3 Plus will process these marked areas one after the other .

1.3 Manuals and Quick Start Guide
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The C-3 Plus manual is divided into three parts. In chapter C-3 TemplateSuite  you will find information about the C-3 Plus application, the functionality of search targets and the creation of templates.

Chapter C-3 Plus FreeFormSuite explains the application and functionality of the free-form indexing.

All important workflow settings and configuration options are described in the part Workflow Configuration in BCS-2 Professional.

In chapter Specials you will find quick start guides for the Template- and Free-Form-Suite as well as the C-3 XML (data) documentation.


1.4 Word Definition
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  • Template: Complete processing rule for a table of contents including additional metadata
  • Rule: Processing rule and part of a template
  • Building block: Small part of a rule

1.5 Download
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In our download section you will find our basic set of templates and components to help getting started with C-3 Plus.