Release date: 17:07.2019

You can find all C-3 Plus independent features and functions in BCS-2 Release  Notes.

5.1 TemplateSuite
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5.1.1 New Template

In new C-3 Plus templates the multi-match mode is on by default.

5.1.2 Template Administration

In General settings/C-3+ you are able to set by clicking on or of which template will be shown in the template drop-down list.

5.1.3 Normalise Page Number

To improve the quality of the page numbers C-3 Plus has become two new features: normalize Numbers and respect roman numbers  . They are found in the parameter settings of the categorie pagen number. This allows to correct typical wrong notation of the page numbers automatically:

  • Space bars and dots will be deleted
  • Small letter l and i  and big letter I will be changed to 1
  • Small and big letter o wil be changed to 0
  • In case of respect roman numbers is active the number 1 and the small letters i and l will be changed into I

5.2 Freeform Editor
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5.2.1 New Labeling

New button and mouse-over-text mode labels were used.

5.3 C-3 Plus Editor
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5.3.1 C-3 Plus Editor Embed in Viewer

The C-3 Plus Editor for all pages is now embed in the viewer on the right sight not in a separate window. If you change pages the C-3 Plus Editor will change as well.

New functions are also:

  • Sort by page number
  • Compute page number for current page
  • Ad TOC Item

It is not necessary anymore to open the C-3 Plus Editor for single pages.

5.3.2 Special Chart Charakters

Now special characters can be added into the title and as well into the author field.

5.4 Combination of Freeform and TemplateSuite
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Now it is possible to mix Freeform and TemplateSuite functions to digitise. The results of both can be edited in the C-3 Plus Editor.

5.5 Workflow Adjustments
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5.5.1 Ad Authority Files for Predefined Author

From now on authority files (e.g. GND-ID) can be already added to predefined authors in the index.  This function can be set in Global settings/C-3 Plus settings with an extra button and adjusted in the workflow.

5.5.2 Taker Over Languages from Index into C-3 Plus Editor

It is possible to adjust the workflow settings that the deposited language in the index will be added into the languages field for each entry in the C-3 Plus Editor.