1. Preamble C3 XML
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C-3 XML is our standard data format, which will be generated after a successful C-3 Plus data transfer. The file includes every information which were defined during the editing process.


The Advantage of a standard C-3 XML is to insure the storage of all output data and to give the user the opportunity and flexibility to choose individual data and export those out of the C-3 XML file. Re-export out of C-3 XML is also possible (e.g. into Marc 21 XML)


A C-3 XML is built up in strict orders. All information are defined through work items with a start and end condition.


Beginning Information Ending In C-3 XML
<TITLE> Studies in religion </TITLE> <TITLE> Studies in religion</TITLE>
<YEAR> 2019 </YEAR> <YEAR>2019</YEAR>
<ARTICLE> Author, Titel, Pagenumber, Year … </ARTICLE> <ARTICLE> Author, Titel, Pagenumber, Year …</ARTICLE>


Example of a C3 XML Data File