1. User Training C-3 Plus with BCS-2 Professional and MyBib e Doc connection
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1.1 Target Group
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  • Administrator
  • C-3 Operator

1.2 Aim of Training
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  • To understand the workflow, using and functions
  • To get to know about MyBib eDoc, BCS-2 Professional and C-3 Plus
  • To learn about the indexing and digitisation process with C-3 Plus
  • To work with the programs independently

1.3 Duration of Training
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  • 8h Training and 4h retraining via TeamViewer
  • Alternative: 4 Trainings via TeamViewer (3h per training session)

1.4 Equipment
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  • BCS-2 Professional software
  • C-3 Plus Freeform- and TemplateSuite
  • Connection to MyBib eDoc server
  • Internet connectivity
  • Projector and scree for presentation
  • Training Contents

1. Training Day

1.4.1 Overview Workflow

  • Workflow and components
    How does MyBib eDoc, BCS-2 and C-3 Plus work together
  • Overview MyBib eDoc
  • Navigation in MyBib eDoc
  • Create new jobs
  • Quality control
  • Complaint

1.4.2 C-3 Plus as Modul to BCS-2 Professional

  • Introduction and workflow of BCS-2 and C-3 Plus
    Extra training for users and administrator
  • C-3 Plus TemplateSuite
  • Toolbars and functions
    Understand and create templates (Rules, searching target, components)
    Further important  functions (OCR, ToC entries, results)
    Using and Tests
  • C-3 Plus FreeFormSuite
  • Freeform Editor
    Using and Tests


1.4.3 Time for questions

  • Documentations (manuals) and FAQ


2. Training via TeamViewer

1.4.4 Exercises

  • Create a template and digitsate table of contents
    Work through hole process:

    • Create a job in MyBib eDoc
    • Create a job in BCS-2
    • Scanning and editing
    • OCR
    • Using C-3 Plus
    • Checking and editing results
    • Transfer results
    • Quality control in MyBib eDoc