1.1 The viewer cannot be executed.
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Error message: The user is not authorised to run the application: MYBIB-EL_VIEWER_WINDOWS_X64_3_0_0.EXE

This is a Windows rights problem. If it is a virtual account, it might not be authorised to run not-certified software (certified means released by IT, not the package certificate).

1.2 Document link cannot be opened, file type .mel is not known.
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Please check the file type link with MyBibeLViewer.exe as described in the installation instructions/configuration.

1.3 I can´t register my viewer! I can´t access my document!
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Unfortunatly we are not able to help you with these specific problems.

We develop the software MyBib eL, we are not involved in the supply of the documents by the libraries, nor do we have access to the documents or contact data.

Plaese contact your supplying library, they will be able to help you with the loan or registration process. In case of technical problems with the MyBib eL they will contact us.