The upgrade to MyBib eL V3.0 depends on the respective application scenario. In the International Interlibrary Loan application, the system automatically deletes the documents provided after 30 days at the latest. In all other application scenarios, however, it transfers the data to the new version.

1.1 General Information
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After providing the installation requirements in the data center (for hosting customers this is done by ImageWare), the new version is installed in the respective application scenario.

Please send us the information required according to the checklist. We will then adapt the configuration correspondingly. Otherwise, the default values remain unchanged. Please test the MyBib eL Viewer with our training system in advance.

1.2 Standard
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After MyBib eL V3.0 has been installed, the upgrade consists of the following steps

  1. Creating an XML Backup
  2. Updating the software
  3. Import of the XML backup into the new version
  4. Test
  5. Customer validation
  6. Release by the customer for end customers

During this upgrade, the systems will not be available for a few hours. After the upgrade, the reading room runs as before. It will then have a modified start mechanism and a different MyBib eL Server V3.0.

1.3 Special Considerations when Working with OCLC WorldShare.
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Due to the fact that document links had already been sent out by the respective conversion date, the old and new MyBib eL versions will be kept and operated simultaneously for a maximum of 30 days after the conversion date. After the deadline, the system will automatically send the new download link for MyBib eL Viewer.

The conversion is done in the following steps:

  1. The new MyBib eL version is installed.
  2. After a period of testing, it is released by the customer and the conversion deadline “X” is determined together.
  3. On day X, the delivery is changed to the new MEL. This also applies to complaints, i.e. new deliveries of already executed deliveries.
  4. On day X, there is an interruption while the following tasks are carried out
    1. Adaptation of the delivery mail in MyBib eDoc to the new address and with a new text reference to the new MyBib eL
    2. Execution of a test delivery as proof of function to the giving library
    3. Release for production
  5. From this day on the new viewer is to be used.
  6. The old MyBib eL version will remain in operation for 30 days and will then be switched off.
  7. Another 60 days later, the old MyBib eL version will be deleted.
Note: The new MyBib eL Viewer is automatically included in every delivery e-mail. You will find the corresponding installation instruction in our manuals. The new viewer must be installed explicitly. You should communicate this in your delivery mail.