2. Basic Version
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2.1 General Information
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2.1.1 DSGVO

DSGVO compliant registration and licensing. Removal of all personal data during registration and in the license. Please note: Information will only be sent to the function mail address stored in the registration.

2.1.2 Help

New entry in the Help menu: Open online manual…

Here you jump directly to the right place according to the product (Express, Office, Professional).

2.1.3 Display of the current memory consumption

The main memory monitoring can be switched on via the menu item Management in order to display and monitor the current memory load of the application.

2.1.4 Jobs Save as

The Save As dialog is now also available via the start interface. The button is located below the job list. The images of a job can be saved in JPEG, TIFF, MTIFF, PNG, PDF, ZIP format.

Status display and notes in case of failed transfer

There is a separate column only for the state of the job transfer. If everything worked out, “Trans” appears with a green background. If only some of the transfer destinations worked, “Part” appears in yellow. If none worked, “None” appears in red, and if the transfer was aborted by the user, “ABORTED” appears in orange.

2.2 Indexing
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New property: “Index is mandatory and must have a value”.
Plausibility check for the index types number and date. For the Date index type, you can specify a format that the entered date must satisfy. Default is dd.MM.yyyyy for the German-speaking area and yyyy-MM-dd for the English-speaking area.

2.3 Transfer Target
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2.3.1 Creating a Zip archive

In the transfer target it can be set for the Zip generation that not the – if necessary processed – images of the job are taken over into the ZIP archive, but already existing files can be imported. (Use case: One or more transfer targets create a structure of files and subdirectories if necessary, which are then packed into a ZIP container and transported to the target location, e.g. via SFTP).

2.3.2 Jobs with queries, comments to be confirmed by the user after X seconds skip

Context MyBib eDoc: The message that something is missing will be closed automatically after 15 sec. and it will be continued with the next job. The automatic closing can be aborted by the user, so that the message can be viewed in peace.

2.4 Scan
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Scans can be triggered via a USB foot switch on the PC.

2.5 Batch Operation
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2.5.1 Job list: Transferred after batch operations

With the function “Apply a batch operation on the jobs” the user is asked whether the respective jobs should be transferred after the batch operations.

If the user confirms this, ALL batch operations are performed first and then the jobs are transferred as if the user had selected the function “Transfer jobs”.

2.6 Image Editing
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2.6.1 New Image Functions (also for the Toolbars)

  • Increase contrast
  • Decrease contrast
  •   -1°Rotate
  •   +1°Rotate

2.6.2 New keyboard shortcuts

  • F11: Switch mask
  • SHIFT-F11: Switch mask with dividing line
  • CTRL-F11: Switch mask with collar bridge

2.7 Areas and Maks
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Additional keyboard shortcuts for areas and lines

  • Move/Enlarge/Reduce: Areas and dividing lines can be moved using the arrow keys. For areas there is also the possibility to enlarge and reduce the areas. The step size in which the area is moved/enlarged/reduced can be defined by the user.
    • Step size can be increased or decreased by 1: + and keys.
    • Increases or decreases the increment by 10: CTRL + or CTRL –
      switch between areas: Tab and SHIFT-Tab
    • Delete current area: Delete
  • Clone areas:
    • Clone selected area to the right: Tx2019 or C key
    • Clone the selected area to the left: Tx2020 or SHIFT-C key
    • Clone the selected area upwards: Tx2021
    • Clone the selected area downwards: Tx2022
  • Select the dividing line to move:
    • normal dividing line: L key
    • Left dividing line in selected area: SHIFT-L
    • Right dividing line in the selected area: SHIFT-R
    • Upper dividing line in the selected area: SHIFT-U
    • Lower dividing line in the selected area: SHIFT-B

2.7.1 Unite areas

Areas can be coupled to move/enlarge/reduce them together. The action Apply Multi-Masking or Confirm Action creates X (depending on the number of areas) new images that are inserted into the job.

2.7.2 Center split line

Two new options are available in the Areas context menu:

  • Center split lines
  • Automatically center graduation lines

2.8 Enrichment of Metadata
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CSV files, in which job indexes are deposited, can be modified.

2.9 Automate Skript-Event-Functions
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New additional functions are available as a script event for the workflow:

  • Mask image
  • Multi-mask image