3. Additional Modules
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3.1 C-3 Plus
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All improvements and enhancements in the context of the C-3 Plus module can be found in the C-3 Plus Release Notes.

3.2 eL Workflow
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Mapping mode for o_info and e_data

A mapping mode can now be activated in the settings for the transfer destination. Afterwards for each field o_info and e_data a corresponding index expression can be deposited, which determines the current value of the field.

For o_info as well as for e_data, it is possible to use

  • Fields added
  • fields can be deleted.

3.3 OCR
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Speech output of OCR texts

OCR texts can be read by BCS-2. English and German are installed by default in Germany. Voice output is possible in the following places:

  • Zoned OCR to clipboard
  • OCR Results Dialog
  • OCR Editor (displayed)

3.3.1 Import and conversion of ALTO OCR data to MEL format

This function was implemented as part of a project and specially adapted to the ALTO formats specified there. There is no guarantee for the use outside the project. Any support is subject to a fee.

Images and their corresponding OCR data can be imported in ALTO format via the importer.  The ALTO formats are converted internally to BCS-2 and can be output in eL format or as OCR full texts.

3.4 Importer
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Renaming images during import

If there are no leading zeros in the file count, the import of the files into BCS-2 leads to an incorrect order of the images within the job (1, 10,11,100, 2, etc.). The Importer now provides the option to rename the images and normalize embedded numbers before importing them.  The number of leading zeros is adjustable, default is 8. Optionally the return to the old file name after the import can be requested (if renaming is not allowed permanently and/or makes sense).