4. Hardware Connection
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BCS-2 Professional, Office and Express Version 6.0.50 support the latest firmware and driver versions of the hardware listed below.

4.1 Bookeye
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  • New plugisn for the models:
    •  Bookeye® Semiautomatic
    • WideTEK® 12
  • Adaptation to the current firmware of
    • Bookeye® 2 N3 FW 5.28e,
    • Bookeye® 3 5.30,
    • Bookeye® 4 6.90
    • WideTEK® 25
  • New functions and toolbar buttons for setting the scan quality and two quality settings:
    • Fast* (Default)
    • High (better quality)
    • Anti-Reflective or “Glossy”
    • Normal (“normal” Quality)
    • Repro (Reproduction Quality)

Known bugs: “Start on device”

The use of the function “Start at device” unfortunately occasionally leads to problems (program hangs or crashes). These can occur in system environments where active programs/services permanently access the network.

This may be the case under certain circumstances:

  •  Virus scanners and other malware detectors. These are of coursenot to deactivate per se, but in the case of one of the above-mentioned impairments, it may be necessary to configure this software differently or to replace it with another, less busy, system.
  •  Download manager and if necessary other utility programs. The problem has also occurred in combination with devices from the Bookeye scanner family.

If BCS-2 does not react anymore, please proceed as follows:

  • Exit the program via the Task Manager.
  • Start the program again after approx. 1-2 minutes to avoid that the scanner is still “occupied”. No scans or metadata will be lost when closing the program.

The following workaround is recommended to avoid this problem with Bookeye devices:

  • Deactivate “Start at device” ;
  • Control scans and scanner settings in the program. The panels and footswitches on the Bookeye devices will then no longer have any function.
  • However, the footswitches can be replaced by simple USB footswitches, in addition it is possible to program ScanPads (special keyboards) to simplify the work.

4.2 Microbox
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  • Improvement of the plugin: Saving the Actor settings
  • New scanner parameter: Binarization method, the user can set the binarization method in the scanner setting (adaptive (Sauvola) or simple)
  • Bugfix: Grayscale scan