2. BCS-2 V3.10
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Release date 13.01.2016

BCS-2 is now called BCS-2 Classic. Version 3.10 supports the newest firmware and driver releases for devices by the manufacturers stated below.

Additionally the new release comprises enhancements and minor bug-fixes for bugs that have occurred in the direct customer environment since the release of BCS-2® 3.10 that could be fixed by us.

Furthermore, the release provides the following new features and modifications:

2.1 Basic version
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2.1.1 Support for Windows 10

BCS-2® Classic version 3.10 can be operated under the current Windows 10 operating system.

2.1.2 Automatic rotation correction Walkup Autoformat

The automatic rotation correction in WalkUp module is no longer executed automatically, but can be configured.

2.2 Additional Modules
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2.2.1 Image Suite

The ImageSuite for the automatic cropping of single and double pages and automatic rotation correction is now part of the base license and no longer needs to be licensed separately.

2.3 Hardware Connectivity
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2.3.1 Bookeye® 4

  • The support of the automatic page split has been improved. The Error 33 which was shown when only one page existed is no longer displayed. Instead, a hint is displayed, which the operator must confirm to continue scanning normally.
  • The user defined format now also available for Bookeye® 4 V1 (motorized book cradle).

2.4 Software Maintenance
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With the release of BCS-2® 3.10 the maintenance of version 3.8 and previous versions is discontinued.