3. BCS-2 V3.8
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Release date 15.07.2014

BCS-2® release 3.8 supports the newest firmware and driver releases for devices by the manufacturers stated below, whereby new features and device models become available.

Additionally the new release comprises enhancements and minor bug-fixes for bugs that have occurred in the direct customer environment since the release of BCS-2® 3.6.12 that could be fixed by us.

Furthermore, the release provides the following new features and modifications:

3.1 Basic version
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3.1.1 Metadata harvesting via OAI-PMH

It is now possible for BSC-2® to retrieve available descriptive metadata from known OAI-PMH interfaces (i.e. of Allegro library management systems) and to incorporate the data into the order indexes using BSC-2® system variables.

3.1.2 Language Support

Language support for the Russian user interface was updated and improved.

3.1.3 Glossy-Mode for Bookeye® Devices

BSC-2® 3.8 supports the new Glossy-Mode for improved scanning of glossy submittals (i.e. high-gloss paper) which has been a feature since firmware re-lease 6.10. A new button in the toolbar activates the Glossy-Mode.

3.2 Additional Modules
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3.2.1 OCR Module

This release contains the setup for ABBYY® engine 10.5.

Furthermore it is now possible to create the IWC-XML format, which is re-quired to transfer OCR-text and layout information for the electronic reading room MyBib eL®.

3.3 Hardware Connectivity
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3.3.1 Bookeye® 4

It is now possible to use BCS-2® with Bookeye® 4 V1A.

Bookeye® 4 V1A and Bookeye® 4 V2 with firmware release 6.12a were explicitly tested with BCS-2® 3.8.

3.3.2 Canon EOS

Due to the integration of Canon SDK 2.14 further camera models are now supported, i.e. Canon EOS 70D.

3.3.3 Zeutschel OS 12002 and OS15000

BCS-2® supports OS12002 and OS15000 with driver release 4.4.43 or higher.

3.4 Software Maintenance
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Software Maintenance With the release of BCS-2® 3.8 the maintenance of version 3.4.20 and previous versions is discontinued.

With the end of support for the operating system Windows XP we no longer hold Windows XP available and only tested the new release with OS Windows 7 and Windows 8.