4. BCS-2 V3.6.3
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Release date 10.01.2013

BCS-2® Release 3.6 comprises new features and concrete bug-fixes for bugs that have occurred in the direct customer environment since the release of version 3.4.20. Furthermore, the release provides the following new features:

4.1 Basic version
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4.1.1 Included modules and functions

With the release of version 3.6 the basic version contains the following modules for free which had to be licenced separately before:

  • Electronic Endorser
  • Import module
  • Multimasking mdoule
  • WebPublisher

In version 3.6 the listed modules are automatically activated and do not need to be licenced separately anymore.

An automatic rotation correction independent from the ImageSuite is now also available in the basic version.

4.1.2 Online registration

The BookEye® scanner serial number is now displayed within the online registration process and is automatically included when sending a licence request via mail.

4.1.3 About BCS-2®

The user manual for the BSC-2® basic version can be accessed directly via the menu item Show online-manual.

4.1.4 New menu item

During the startup BCS-2® tries to reconnect to the last active scanner; if the scanner is no longer accessible, it is now possible to delete the current scanner settings via the Windows program menu item BCS-2® reset scanner prior to the start-up. This prevents previously experienced time-outs.

4.2 Additional modules
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4.2.1 Batch module

The new batch function Adjust correctly (rotation detection) is applicable to entire orders. In conjunction with the ImageSuite the crop function is now also available as a batch function.

4.2.2 Electronic endorser

The electronic endorser is now part of the basic licence and does not need to be licenced separately anymore.

4.2.3 ImageSuite

The detection of single pages has been increased using an improved algorithm. The single page mode is now also selectable in the page-extraction settings.

The insertion of a control image can be switched off on demand.

In combination with the batch module the functions Adjust correctly (rotation detection) and Crop are applicable as batch functions to entire orders.

4.2.4 Import module

The import module is now part of the basic licence and does not need to be licenced separately anymore.

4.2.5 Multimasking module

The multimasking module is now part of the basic licence and does not need to be licenced separately anymore.

4.2.6 OCR module

BCS-2© supports ABBYY® Engine 10 now. ABBYY® Engine 7 is no longer supported; ABBYY® Engine 8 is only available after updating a previous program version that still contained ABBYY® Engine 8 support.

Upon request ABBYY® Engine 10 is automatically installed during the setup of BCS-2® version 3.6. There will be no installation of the ABBYY® 8 Engine. If an existing BCS-2® installation with ABBYY® Engine 8 is updated, then the engine is still usable if ABBYY® Engine 8 is activated in the OCR settings and the path to the engine is adjusted accordingly.

If ABBYY® Engine 8 shall be used with an initial installation of the program, then an older BCS-2® version has to be installed beforehand.

A separate unicode editor can be activated to display the OCR text as UTF-8-text, thereby making it possible to directly display i.e. Cyrillic letters. The text cannot be corrected and saved using the editor but the UTF-8 text can be copied to the clipboard to be processed in a third party program.

4.2.7 PDF module and PDF/A module

Upon purchase the PDF module now automatically contains the PDF/A module. Customers with a valid maintenance contract will automatically receive an upgrade for their already licenced PDF module. Furthermore, with the formats PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b two relevant standards for digital long-term archiving are now also available (a validation of the formats produced may be necessary in combination with ABBYY® Engine 10).

4.2.8 WebPublisher

he WebPublisher module is now part of the basic licence and does not need to be licenced separately anymore.

4.3 Scanner connectivity
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4.3.1 Bookeye® 4 (with FW release 5.78)

As of now the format Crop Deskew is supported, allowing a precise detection of the submittal corresponding to the auto format, with subsequent correct alignment. Crop Deskew is only selectable in the flat-modus.

The Thumb removal settings now include the Automatic mode. This mode leads to better results than the manual mode, given that the thumbs are placed correctly on the horizontal laser lines.

4.3.2 HPSC

The HPSC module is now part of the basic license and does not need to be licenced separately anymore.

4.3.3 HPSC for Canon cameras

Per implementation of the latest Canon® software development kit (SDK) it is now possible to use the following camera models with BCS-2®:

EOS 7D EOS 5D Mark II Rebel XS EOS-1D X
EOS 40D EOS-1D Mark III Rebel XSi
EOS 50D EOS-1Ds Mark III Rebel T1i
EOS 60D EOS 5D Mark III EOS Rebel T2i
EOS 450D EOS-1D Mark IV EOS Rebel T3
EOS 500D EOS Rebel T3i
EOS 550D EOS Rebel T4i
EOS 1000D

4.3.4 Software maintenance

With the release of BCS-2 version 3.6 the maintenance of version 3.4.10 and previous versions will be discontinued.