5. BCS-2 V3.12
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Release date 01.01.2019

BCS-2 Classic Version 3.12.2 supports the newest firmware and driver releases for devices by the manufacturers stated below.

Additionally the new release comprises enhancements and minor bug-fixes for bugs that have occurred in the direct customer environment and could be fixed by us.

Furthermore, the release 3.12 provides the following new features and modifications:

5.1 Basic Version
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5.1.1 DSGVO

DSGVO compliant registration and licensing. Removal of all personal data during registration and in the license. Note: Information will only be sent to the function email address stored in the registry.

5.2 Additional Modules
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5.2.1 Journalmodul

As of V3.12, the journal module is included in the basic license. This can be used to create scan journals to provide data for further processing in for example Excel.

5.3 Hardware Connectivity
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5.3.1 Bookeye®

  • Expansion of scan area tolerance from 20% to 50% for A3, A2, A1 Bookeye scanners to support the maximum format even for larger scan areas. (e.g. custom designs).
  • Adaptation to the current firmware of
    o BE-2 N3 FW 5.28e,
    o BE3 5.30,
    o BE4 6.86d,

5.4 Software Maintenance
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Discontinuation maintenance and support

  • With the release of the BCS-2 Classic Version 3.12, the maintenance for version 3.10 and older versions will be discontinued. Please upgrade to the current version V3.12 as part of your maintenance and support package. To update please send an e-mail with your licence number to license@imageware.de.
  • The standard maintenance / support for  following modules will be discontinued. The products scope of supply and services remain.
    • BCS-2 HPSC – Classic.
    • BCS-2 Classic Plugin for Zeutschel scanners
    • BCS-2 Classic OCR module
    • BCS-2 endorser
    • BCS-2 IndexSuite
  • Support for the MyBib-Connector will be discontinued as of December 31. 2019, as all known datacenter plan to switch to the latest SSH classes in 2019 due to the DSGVO.

5.5 End of Life modules
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Following products/ modules will no longer be distributed for BCS-2 Classic as they have been replaced by the successor products BCS-2 Office / Professional

  • HPSC modules ⇒ Replaced by TWAIN standard in BCS-2 Office / Professional
  • OCR module ⇒ Replaced by new UTF-8 capable OCR suite with zonal OCR in BCS-2 Office / Professional
  • BCS-2 Classic Connectors for Medea-3 and MyBib eDoc ⇒ Replaced by new connectors in BCS-2 Office / Professional that support the modern infrastructures in the datacentres.
  • BCS-2 IndexSuite⇒ Replaced by new IndexSuite in BCS-2 Office / Professional