1. EOL BCS-2 Classic
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Everything has an end, and BCS-2 Classic is no exception. The software life cycle of BCS-2 Classic has come to an end after 25 years on 31.12.2022. On this date the official discontinuation also took place. For current maintenance and support contracts, support ends on 31.12.2023.  

Due to increased IT security and GDPR requirements, the techniques and ssh classes used in BCS-2 Classic no longer met the required standards. The 32-bit architecture and user interface were also no longer up to date.   

As a well-tested successors, BCS-2 Office and BCS-2 Professional have been available since 2019, depending on the use case. Both variants are native 64-bit applications for Windows 11 with a modern user interface.   

More information about the two variants can be found here.