3. BCS-2 Express Application
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When all necessary settings in the configurator are completer, please start the BCS-2 Express application via „BCS-2 Express“-Icon.


Press the green start-button to create a new job and start scanning.

3.1 Adjust Surface Layout
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The position of the toolbar elements can be adjusted manually.


Optimize the layout for your screen by moving the button groups to the desired position. Save the layout with the key combination Ctrl (hold) N9150. Confirm the dialog Save current configuration with OK. This layout is now the default and is invoked with every new job.


Move the button groups to the desired position, press the control-key on your keyboard (and keep it pressed) combined with N9150 (one after the other, but still with pressed control). A dialog window will pop up, asking you if you want to save the current toolbar positions. If you confirm by clicking on “OK”, this will be the new default arrangement of your layout, each time a new job is started.

3.2 Adjusting the camera settings
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The default setting of the camera after the installation is 300 dpi, black and white. If you wish to change these defaults, you can either assign different values by selecting the corresponding function buttons or you can open the configuration menu by pressing key combination Ctrl (hold) N9153.


You can changes all available settings like exposure time, color gain etc., depending on the connected camera. To save the new settings, press the key combination Ctrl (hold) N9151. If you are not satisfied with the new settings, you can return to the default by using the key combination Ctrl (hold) N9152, as long as you have not restarted the application.


If you have mounted the camera to a camera stand or tripod, you can check the focus and adjustments of the lenses in the live view of the camera (if live view is supported by the camera you are using) by using the key combination Ctrl (hold) N915. Close the window via “OK” when finished you are finished.


The configuration of BCS2 Express is now finished, and the application is ready to use.