2. Basic Settings
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Enable Server-Mode: Application can be remotely controlled via HTTP-Requests: BCS-2 opens a network connection. The control of BCS-2 e.g. via a touch panel is now possible.

Port for the connection: The default port is 7777 and is preset.

Interval for USB Timer in msec (0 means no USB polling at all): Interval in which BCS-2 searches for connected USB devices.

enable USB Polling, inform user about USB flash drives: BCS-2 monitors the USB ports and reports connected storage devices to the user.

alert user, if memory limit is exceeded: BCS-2 warns the user when the available memory is exceeded.

Memory limit to monitor in MB: Default value 8000.

create thumbnails of images: BCS-2 creates thumbnails from all scanned images of the job.

create backup images to enable undo of changes: BCS-2 creates backups of a job’s images to ensure that users can undo changes to images.

Image splitting delay in thumbnails (ms): Specifies the time delay after splitting images in milliseconds after which the next split image is displayed. This configuration setting is used for quality assurance of the processed images by the scan operators.

Network Proxy Setttings:

Hostname: Name of the host server

Port: Number of the port

use username and password to access network proxy: BCS-2 uses the credentials entered below to log in.

File to display product- and customer-related help: Enter the paths to the product-specific and/or customer-specific help that is available to the user via the interface and the F1 key.

Use F1 to display customer related help: Enables calling up the help via the F1 key.

Export Settings: Creates a file with the settings of the BCS-2 installation. By default, BCS-2 saves this file with the file name “app_settings.cv6” in the folder C:ProgramDataImageWareComponentsBCS2_V6_64exports. It is possible to enter your own file names and locations.

Import Settings: Configures a BCS-2 installation according to the configuration settings stored in the selected cv6 file.

Save Settings: Creates a backup copy of the settings of the BCS-2 installation.

Restore Settings: Loads the settings saved via the “Create backup copy” button.