6. OCRSuite
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Use the “OCR” tab to select the OCR engine that BCS-2 uses for text recognition. Use the “OCR information” toolbar item to check whether an OCR engine is active.

Basic Settings

use ABBYY Engine as OCR-Engine/use Tesseract as OCR-Engine: The corresponding engine is activated by ticking the checkbox.

Path to OCR-Engine: Enter the path to the ABBYY files here (fr12 file). Use the “Select” button to navigate to the ABBYY folder (C:/Program Files (x86)/ImageWareComponents/Abbyy_12_Engine/fr12/Bin64).

Pfad to OCR-Engine Data (Languages for Tesseract): Store the file path to the Tesseract files here (C:/ProgramData/Tesseract-OCR_4_0/Tesseract-OCR_4_0/tess4/best/tessdata).

 To use the ABBYY engine, you need the appropriate OCR module and an ABBYY dongle. The ABBYY dongle must be plugged into the PC before starting the application so that BCS-2 recognizes the dongle. Do not remove the dongle during operation, as it will still be considered plugged in and active for BCS-2.