5. ReportSuite
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With the “ReportSuite” you create journals that log the processing of the scan jobs. You decide which data BCS-2 uses. To use the Report Suite, configure BCS-2 in the Configurator or Administrator as follows:

  • Server Mode: active
  • Default Value Port: 7777

Use the “ReportSuite” tab to call up the list of journal entries with the functions required for creating or editing them.

By clicking on the “New” or “Edit” button, you open the form for creating or editing a (new) journal entry.


Journal: Name of the journal.

Description: Brief explanation of the journal.

Active: By ticking the “Journal active” checkbox, you activate the journal previously selected in the list. If you activate the “use default Export-File” checkbox, BCS-2 assigns the name of the export file according to the pattern “Journal name_date_time”. If the checkbox remains deactivated, you determine the file name of the journal.

Export-Folder: Specify the directory in which BCS-2 saves the export file. The “Exports” folder in the BCS-2 program directory is the default.

Transaktions-Code for Export/Transaktions-Code for Clearing: When assigning the transaction codes, make sure that the numbers are unique when using multiple journals.