3. BCS-2 Installation
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3.1 Why are my jobs disappearing?
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The logged on user does not have the required write permissions. In a standard installation, the BCS-2 configuration, job and license files are stored under C:/ProgramData/Imageware. If a user does NOT have the necessary write rights for this folder, the jobs created by the user are only available temporarily (after restarting the PC, the jobs “disappeared”). When installing the software, it must always be ensured that the appropriate write rights are assigned by the administrator (see installation requirements).

3.2 Can I run BCS-2 Office and BCS-2 Professional on a virtual machine (VM)?
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BCS-2 Office and BCS-2 Professional can be operated on virtual machines with the Windows operating systems W10 and W11. Size the PC according to our installation requirements. For the connection and integration of third-party devices (e.g. scanners, multifunction copiers, payment systems), it must be ensured that their drivers/dongles/API etc. run under the VM so that BCS-2 recognizes them. This is not the case with some ABBYY OCR functions and TWAIN scanners. Please check this by installing the software provided by the device manufacturer on the VM. If the device can be controlled with it, it should also be possible to integrate it into BCS-2.