2. Questions about the PC Change
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2.1 What do I have to do if I want to port my BCS-2 to a new operating systemremove section
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Please request the form for creating a new BCS-2 license key stating your customer number and the license number from support@imageware.de. If a valid maintenance and support package is available, you will receive a license change form from us, which you should complete, sign and send to ImageWare Components (support@imageware.de). You will then receive your new license certificate, which you use to register online. If you have an older BCS 2 version without a valid maintenance and support package, the request for the license key is also sent to support@imageware.de, stating your customer number and the license number. Your request will be recorded and reviewed by ImageWare Components. Further information on the license change and the BCS-2 maintenance and support package can be found on the page License change regulations.

2.2 What should be considered when BCS-2 is to be installed on a new PC?
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  1. BCS-2 must be licensed again (see FAQ 2.1 above). Information about the procedure and the costs you find on the FAQ page License “Change regulations”.
  2. If your BCS-2 is connected to a MyBib eDoc system, you must first resynchronize the BCS-2 with MyBib eDoc. This is the way to exchange the license key that is part of the scan client’s licensing data in MyBib eDoc.
  3. If an RPC error occurs during resynchronization, first reset the scan client in MyBib eDoc. Open the list of the scan clients of your MyBib eDoc system via Settings –> Peer systems –> Scan clients. Open the edit dialog of your scan client via “Change scan client”. In the mask, select the “Reset peer” button and then save your change. This is how you delete all previously stored licensing data. Then proceed as described under Synchronization.

2.3 What should be considered if the IP address of the scan client changes?
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BCS-2 communicates with the MyBib eDoc server via ports 80 (http) and 22 (SSH). In general, you must enable both ports in the server’s firewall for the new IP address. Depending on who is responsible for maintaining MyBib eDoc, please note the following: If your MyBib eDoc system is supported by ImageWare GmbH, the change of the IP address must be reported in good time by email to support@imageware.de, preferably two to three days in advance. If the support is provided by your own IT department, please contact the employees of the responsible department to arrange the necessary.

2.4 What to do if I can’t remember the scan client’s password?
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MyBib eDoc treats the BCS-2 scan client like a user. You must therefore store the password for this user in the MyBib eDoc settings of BCS-2. If you lose this password, create a new one in MyBib eDoc and then enter it in the MyBib eDoc settings of your installation. Administrator rights are required for this procedure!