1. License Change Regulations
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1.1 Licensing Procedure
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In order to provide individualized support and to identify each installation, the BCS-2 license is tied to the Windows System ID or, in exceptional cases, to the serial number of the scanners. This is the fastest way to identify an installation without using alternative methods such as separate dongles or drivers.

1.2 License Change
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In case the Windows ID changes because of a defective PC (alternatively the serial number of the scanner) or if the BCS-2 Classic has to be installed on another PC, we issue a new license key. Within the framework of a valid maintenance and support contract the new key will be made available within 24 hours. If more than one license change per year is requested, the service fee listed below will become effective.

For licenses without a valid maintenance and support contract, an upgrade that includes a license change can be purchased up to 2 years after the purchase of BSC-2 Classic.

For licenses without a valid maintenance and support contract following fees and conditions apply from 01.01.2020: 

  • For license changes up to 2 years after purchase, a service fee of EUR 145, – plus VAT.
  • For license changes up to 5 years after purchase, a service fee of EUR 245, – plus VAT.

A license change is NOT possible for licenses which were issued more than 5 years ago and that have no maintenance and support contract . This deadline is not repealed by later acquired add-on modules, crucial is the date of purchase of the base license. According to the requirement of data economy in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the data is regularly deleted in the license database.

1.3 License Change/Licensing Virtual Machine and Cloned Windows Systems
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One BCS-2 application can be operated on a virtual machine.

If multiple BCS-2 installations are operated on cloned Windows systems in a virtual environment or installed on cloned Windows systems, the BCS-2 online registration cannot be used without further support.

For cloned Windows systems, the Windows ID is usually cloned as well. The Windows system ID that is required to register BCS-2 in the database and the unique license key is no longer unique.

If no separate Windows IDs can be assigned by the operators, the registration and thus clear assignment from the second BCS-2 installation to be registered fails.

If this is the case for you or if you are planning to operate with a cloned Windows system, please contact our support support@imageware.de, stating the license number and the intended operating mode.

In consultation with your system administrator, our support will facilitate the registration of the 2nd and 3rd editions via Teamviewer. BCS-2 instance. Please note that this is an individual adjustment, for which a service fee of 245, – EUR applies.

1.4 Notes on Changing Licenses
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• If the license is changed, the software will not be reissued, therefore please check that you have a complete backup copy.
• The license change does not include an update or upgrade of the software. This may have the effect that new or changed functions and interfaces which were provided by your scanner and / or third-party system after the purchase of BCS-2 Classic are not or not fully supported.The problems can usually be resolved by an upgrade of the software.
• Within a license change the original licensing procedure established at the time of purchase will not be changed. Licenses that were bound to a Windows ID (standard procedure) remain bound to the new Windows ID after the license change. Licenses that were bound to a scanner serial number at purchase also remain bound to the new serial number after a replacement, e.g. due to a scanner defect,.