2. Keyboard Shortcuts
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2.1 General
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Shortcut Function
F1 Show Help
F11 Edit Job Index
CTRL+C Copy selected element
CTRL+V Paste selected element
CTRL+X Cut selected element
ENTER Confirm action
ENTF Delete selected element
ALT+F4 Closes the active element and terminates the active program
CTRL+N9150 Closes the active element and terminates the active program

2.2 Navigation
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Shortcut Function
Page Up Navigate to previous image
Page Down Navigate to next image

2.3 View
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Shortcut Function
F5 Fit image to window
CTRL+F Full screen
CTRL+N+1234 Resets the application window

2.4 Image Post-Processing
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Shortcut Function
F6 Despeckle current image
F7 Deskew current image
CTRL+F7 Activate manual deskew
F8 Rotate current image by 90°
F4 Schwarzrand-Entfernung durchführen
Shift+F4 Autocrop
CTRL+F4 Bookcrop
CTRL+Shift+F4 Mask and split

2.5 Splitlines, Masks, Areas
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Shortcut Function
F10 Toggle splitline
F11 Toggle mask
Shift-F11 Toggle mask with splitline
CTRL-F11 Toggle mask with gutter
T Activate selects area
CTRL+T Activate select multiple areas
DEL Delete selected area
CTRL+SHIFT+ T Delete all areas
Tab /Shift-Tab Move to next area
C Clone selected area to the right
Shift-C Clone selected area to the left
CTRL-Shift-C Clone selected area to the bottom
Enlarge Areas
Shift  → ← Enlarge selected area to the right/left
Shift ↑↓ Enlarge selected area up/down
CTRL-Shift → ← Reduce selected area to the right/left
CTRL-Shift ↑↓ Reduce selected area up/down
Move Areas
Cursor Keys →←↑↓ A selected area is moved using the cursor keys
Set increment for moving and enlarging/reducing areas
+ or – The increment for moving and enlarging/reducing an area is increased or decreased by 1 pixel using the + and – keys.
CTRL +  or CTRL – Increment for moving increased or decreased by 10 pixels (default 1 pixel)
Further area options
Simple click Area is selected
Click+Shift Area is “marked” (indicated by “M”)
Click+CTRL Area is “grouped” (indicated by “G”)
Click+Shift+CTRL Area is “coupled” (indicated by “C”)
Selet splitlines to then move them using the cursor keys
L Simple splitline
SHIFT-L Left splitline in the selected area
SHIFT-R Right splitline in the selected area
SHIFT-O Upper splitline in the selected area
SHIFT-B lower splitline in the selected area

2.6 OCR and Clipping
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Shortcut Function
R Detect regions (text and images) within the Image (via Leptonica)
P OCR: Show paragraphs
L OCR: Show text lines
O Perform OCR for current image
SHIFT+O Perform OCR for current area
CTRL+O Edit OCR text

2.7 Indexing (tree data structure)
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Shortcut Function
CTRL+I Create new hierarchy above the current element
CTRL+Shift+I Insert a new structure node (chapter) for the current page
CTRL+DEL Delete current structure node
Space Edit structure index
CTRL+ + Expand all nodes
CTRL+ – Fold in all nodes
CTRL ↑↓  Move page/node up/down within a hierarchy level
CTRL ←→ Move page/node up/down in hierarchy (page/node is moved to the next higher or lower hierarchy)
Shift ↑↓ Page navigation within a hierarchical level up/down (the corresponding images are displayed), or navigation via the nodes in the highest hierarchical level
Shift ←→ Navigation between the hierarchy levels.

2.8 Canon
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Shortcut Function
CTRL+D Select V Shape configuration (EOS)
CTRL+SHIFT+D Open derotate configuration dialog (EOS)
CTRL+L Activate EOS LiveView