1. Icons and their functions
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1.1 General functions
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 For high screen resolutions, the icons used should have a minimum size of 68px. Otherwise, both the icons and the status panel of the job are difficult to recognize.
102 Cut: Copy to the clipboard  iwi0102_g64_v01 104 Paste from the clipboard  iwi0104_g64_v01
105 Copy  iwi0105_g64_v01 399 Insert from file: Import image files from a file folder  iwi0399_g64_v01
315 Delete  iwi0315_g64_v01 147 Close Job: Exit job to job list  iwi0147_g64_v01
109 New job: Close current job and create new job  iwi0109_g64_v01 139 Confirm action: Confirm performed function and save changes. The original image is replaced by the new image  iwi0139_g64_v01
143 Retry: Repeat the last performed function  iwi0143_g64_v01 144 Undo: All functions performed for the image are reset (return to the original image or last saved version)  iwi0144_g64_v01
 306 Finish and open previous job 307 Finish and open next job

1.2 Image post-processing functions
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168 Image Function: Drag mask, cut content  iwi0168_g64_v01 169 Image function: Drag mask, cut content and divide in half  iwi0169_g64_v01
170 Image function: Drag mask, cut content, split in half, consider gutter, gutter is removed.  iwi0170_g64_v01 171 Image function: Drag mask, cut content, split in half, consider gutter, gutter is added (overlapping)  iwi0171_g64_v01
172 Image function: Split in half, left and right halves are stored  iwi0172_g64_v01 173 Image function: Split in half,, left and right halves are stored, gutter is removed  iwi0173_g64_v01
291 Image function: Split image horizontally into upper and lower half.  iwi0291_g64_v01 293 Image function: Split in half, consider gutter, gutter is added (overlapping)  iwi0293_g64_v01
174 Multi-masking  iwi0174_g64_v01 314 Insert defined segments as individual images.  iwi0314_g64_v01
401 Configure tiles and split lines for the job  iwi0401_g64_v01 402 Apply an operation on the Job  iwi0402_g64_v01
166 Image function: Erase inner area  iwi0166_g64_v01 167 Image function: Erase outer area  iwi0167_g64_v01
175 Image function: Automatic deskew  iwi0175_g64_v01 176 Image function: Manual deskew  iwi0176_g64_v01
177 Image function: Despeckle  iwi0177_g64_v01 180 Image function: Rotate 180 °  iwi0180_g64_v01
178 Image function: Rotate 270°  iwi0178_g64_v01 179 Image function: Rotate 90 °  iwi0179_g64_v01
194 Image function: Rotate -1° (counterclockwise)  iwi0178_g64_v01 195 Image function: Rotate 1° (clockwise)  iwi0179_g64_v01
181 Increase brightness  IWI0181_G64_V01 182 Decrease brightness  IWI0182_G64_V01
183 Increase contrast  iwi0183_g64_v01 184 Reduce contrast  iwi0184_g64_v01
186 Invert  iwi0186_g64_v01 192 Binarize image  iwi0192_g64_v01
434 Black border white  IWI0434_G64_V01 189 Remove black boarder  iwi0189_g64_v01
340 Interactive image correction iwi0340_g64_v01 185 Unsharp masking  iwi0185_g64_v01

1.3 Areas
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174 Multi-masking  iwi0174_g64_v01 314 Suggest TOC entries (Context C-3 Plus)  iwi0314_g64_v01
451 Activate remove tiles by clicking   450 Activate merge tiles by clicking  
  Secure areas     Retrieve areas  

1.4 OCR
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199 Perform OCR for marked area  iwi0199_g64_v01 366 Perform OCR  iwi0366_g64_v01
403 Set OCR settings for current job  iwi0403_g64_v01 404 Set OCR settings for current  iwi0404_g64_v01

1.5 Print and save
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142 Print iwi0142_g64_v01 312 Print preview iwi0312_g64_v01
153 Save as PDF (searchable, PDF/A )  iwi0153_g64_v01 157 Save as JPEG  iwi0157_g64_v01
158 Save as PNG  iwi0158_g64_v01 159 Save as TIFF  iwi0159_g64_v01
160 Save as TIFF s/w  iwi0160_g64_v01 111 Email to  iwi0111_g64_v01
327 Save as  iwi0327_g64_v01 145 Save to disk  iwi0145_g64_v01
164 Transfer: Transfer job according to workflow settings

1.6 View options
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123 Object presentation:
Fit to Hight
 iwi0123_g64_v01 124 Object presentation:
Fit to Width
125 Object presentation:
Fit to Window
 iwi0125_g64_v01 126 Object presentation:
1:1 Normal Size
129 Object presentation:
1 page
 iwi0129_g64_v01 130 Object presentation:
2 Pages
127 Application presentation:
Full screen
 iwi0127_g64_v01 128 Application presentation:
Exit full screen
131 Zoom function:
 iwi0131_g64_v01 132 Zoom function:
Zoom in
133 Zoom Function:
Zoom out
 iwi0133_g64_v01 141 Mouse Mode:
(Image-) Drag and Move

1.7 Navigation between images
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113 Navigation:
First item (image)
 iwi0113_g64_v01 114 Navigation:
Last item (image)
116 Navigation:
Previous item (image)
 iwi0116_g64_v01 115 Navigation:
Next item (image)

1.8 Scanner settings
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101 Scanner Settings/ Configuration: Open Scanner Settings dialog  iwi0101_g64_v01 148 Scan  iwi0148_g64_v01
151 Trigger rescan  IWI0151_G64_V01      
161 Colour depth: Bitonal (1 bit)  iwi0161_g64_v01 335 Resolution: 200 dpi  iwi0335_g64_v01
162 Colour depth: Grayscale (8 bit)  iwi0162_g64_v01 336 Resolution: 300 dpi  iwi0336_g64_v01
163 Colour depth: Colour (24bit)  iwi0163_g64_v01 337 Resolution: 400 dpi  iwi0337_g64_v01
328 Format selection  – Scanner
 iwi0328_g64_v01 329 Format selection– Scanner
user defined
330 Format selection – Scanner
 iwi0330_g64_v01 331 Format selection– Scanner
332 Format selection – Scanner
 iwi0332_g64_v01 333 Format selection – Scanner
429 Scan format A5  iwi0429_g64_v01 429 Scan format A4  iwi0389_g64_v01
390 Format selection– Scanner
Din A3
 iwi0390_g64_v01 391 Format selection  – Scanner
Din A2
392 Format selection – Scanner
Din A1
 iwi0392_g64_v01 393 Format selection– Scanner
394 Format selection – Scanner
316 Bookfold correction  iwi0316_g64_v01 317 Scanner
318 Scanner
 iwi0318_g64_v01 319 Scanner
Automatic Mode
433 Scanner:
Glossy Mode = Anti- Reflection-Mode
 iwi0433_g64_v01   Scanner Glas Plate  iwi0320_g64_v01 

1.9 Information bars
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Each toolbar configuration should contain a progress bar so that long-running operations can be followed visually. Always store the corresponding information bar for workflows of the MyBib eDoc or Medea type in your toolbar. Otherwise the user has no chance of recognizing in which order he is in and which actions are carried out when transferring orders.

NumberToolbar elementToolbar nameFunction

000001 INFORMATION – OCRDisplays the active OCR engine and, in the case of ABBYY, the available ABBYY clicks
000002000002 INFORMATION – PROGRESSShows the progress of an ongoing action (e.g. transfer, OCR run)
000003000003 INFORMATION – JOB STATUS PANELDisplays the job number of the associated workflow, the job size, and the size of the current image
000004000004 INFORMATION – MYBIBShows the active MyBib system and the MyBib order number of the current job. All system and order data can also be displayed in the mouse-over dialog
000005000005 INFORMATION – MEDEAShows the active Medea system and the Medea order number of the current job

1.10 C3 plus
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NumberToolbar elementToolbar nameFunction
01Zuweisen-Icon01 C3 FREEFORMTurn on freeform mode
0202 C3 TOC ENTRIESSuggest TOC entries
0303 C3 RULE SELECTIONDisplay rules drop-down list
0404 PERFORM C3Execute rule for current area and apply to all areas
0505 RESULTSEdit C3 results of current page, edit C3 results of all pages
0606 C3 INFODisplay C3 information