2. FTP upload of a PDF file and creation of a delivery email
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Attention: This is an example – self-created scripts are not part of the support and maintenance package.

2..1 Target of the Workflow:

Delivery of PDF files to an FTP server and automatic sending of an email with the corresponding download link.

2..2 Implementation:

Two transfer targets:

  1. Generation of the PDF on a network drive
  2. Script call triggering the MAPI module First transfer target:

Tab „Basic Settings“

  • Type: Create PDF, Type of transfer: normal transfer in the file system
  • Target directory: C:/export/A$var sl= ut.split(job.name, ‚_‘); ut.trimmed(sl[1]);$/
  • Destination filename: A$var sl= ut.split(job.name, ‚_‘); ut.trimmed(sl[1]);$ Second Transfer Target:

Tab „Basic Settings“

  • Type: Execute script, transmission type: send email

Tab „Email“

Scan job $job.name$ mit $job.numPages$ pages: WWW delivery by BCS2 Office

Dear Customer, 
You will receive the article you ordered as a PDF file. 
Link: http://.../export/A$var sl= ut.split(job.name, '_'); ut.trimmed(sl[1]);$/A$var sl= ut.split(job.name, '_'); ut.trimmed(sl[1]);$.pdf

Explanation: Generating an email via scripting results in the creation of a file attachment, at least one image, or a script command which as a text file passes the last value (“undefined”) – unless you return a null value. This completes a script command that is not returned as “undefined”.