1. Introduction
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Scripting” is used in BCS-2 as a means of dynamically expanding the application’s functions without changing the program code. This eliminates the need to recompile the code and create and distribute a new release.

“Scripting” allows you controlled access to objects and functions of BCS-2 using JavaScript. Upon delivery, BCS-2 Professional includes 27 JavaScripts for free use. The scripts can be found on your computer in the following folder:

  • JavaScript: C:\ProgramData\ImageWareComponents\BCS2_V6_64\js.
  • All scripts can be selected via the BCS-2 interface (Workflow > Scripting, Transfer Targets > Scripting).

The scripts provided by ImageWare include features such as:

  • The query of metadata from various network systems and catalogs (e.g. BvB, GBV)
  • Access to the GND
  • The generation of files in different file formats (MARC21-XML, C3-XML etc.)
 Any required support for the use and adaptation as well as the creation of new scripts is subject to a fee. It is not covered by the maintenance package.