2. Tab Basic
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2.1 General Settings
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Abbreviation:  Abbreviation of the workflow

Name: Name of the workflow

Descrription: Enter a short workflow description here.

Author: Author of the workflows

You use the information template to define which job information BCS-2 displays in the “Information” column of the job list. For the MyBib workflow, the default $job.keyMap[ME_order_ID]$ should be defined. Alternatively, call it via the button “Standard for MyBib eDoc” to be called.

2.2 Presentation and Navigation
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Use the following options to change the default BCS-2 view, navigation, selection and mask settings for the workflow. The settings significantly influence the workflow during post-processing.


  • show two images side by side: For all jobs in this workflow, BCS-2 displays two images next to each other after opening a job, in the preview bar and in the viewer. These are always the two consecutive images.


  • always try to keep current image scale when navigating through the job:
    The last selected view setting is retained even after navigating to the next image.

On Insert:

  • clone selections of the previous image when inserting a new image into job (scan or paste):
    BCS-2 automatically applies masks, areas, or split lines to the next image.

on Split/Crop: 

  • advance to the next image after splitting or cropping: After performing page splitting or masking (also applies to areas) with the confirm action or enter, BCS-2 automatically navigates to the following image.

2.3 Delete Jobs
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delete the Job after successfull transfer?
If this option is active, the jobs are automatically deleted either immediately after the successful transfer or after a certain number of days (waiting time) after the successful transfer.

Delay for Delete in Days: Here the number of days is entered after the jobs are to be deleted automatically, if the automatic deletion has been activated. -1 means that the jobs are deleted immediately after the successful transfer.