3. BCS-2 Classic versus BCS-2 Office/Professional
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CriterionBCS-2 ClassicBCS-2 Office / Professional
User interfaceA non-configurable user interface with all functions for all applicationsSeveral individually configurable user interfaces that can be tailored to the user and task
WorkflowsNo, partial implementation with order typesFlexible workflow control with configurable indexing and export
Configuration and settingsCombination of global and job type specific settingsService-specific workflows and toolbars
IndexingOrder and page indexingMetadata and structural data collection on a job and page basis
Semi-automatic indexingNoYes, via C-3 Plus for indexing structured content such as tables of contents, indexes, bibliographies, etc.
Export meta datacsv, txtcsv, txt, METS/MODS, MARC21.XML, and individually configurable
Connection to norm databasesNoYes, GND, ZDB, etc.
Character setWindows– ISO switchableUTF-8 / Unicode throughout
32/64 Bit – variants32 Bit32 bit and real 64 bit variant
Operating systemsW7, W10W10, W11
OCRABBYY 10 EOLABBYY 12, Tesseract, as well as zonal OCR to support the capture of index and structural data
IP protocolIPv4IPv4 and IPv6
SecuritySupports file transfer via SFTP on the server side up to version 6.6 of Open SSHEncrypted communication via https and file transfer via sftp, the latest SSH classes are integrated
MyBib eDoc Workflow SystemMyBib systems can only be used with a BCS-2 order typeParallel query of several MyBib eDoc systems, different BCS-2 workflows can be used with one order service
Supported scannersBookeye 2,3,4, Plustek and others according to the homepageTWAIN 2.3 Standard, Bookeye 2, 3, 4, 5, Microbox K71, more on request
Translation/Multilingual interfacesStandard: D, END standard , Language package EN on request, further translations via the standard tool Qt Linguist