4. BCS-2 Office versus BCS-2 Professional
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AspectBCS-2 OfficeBCS-2 Professional
Orientation1-2 typical workflows, high throughput-, count – indexing at the job level onlyMany different workflows, different scanners in one place, import, job and page level indexing
Typical examplesInterlibrary loan, document deliveryScan service provider e.g. for presentation systems
  • user-specific interface
  • modular application
  • little training effort
  • user-specific interface
  • workflow-based management of scan jobs
  • integrated OCR
  • Segmentation and layout analysis
  • Indexing and structure data acquisition
  • Batch functions
Application areasFor standardized business processes and workflows:
  • Standard scanning in everyday office life (incoming mail, invoice scanning)
  • Integration in the MyBib and Medea3 environment
  • Document delivery
  • Catalog enrichment
For large digitization projects, special adjustments and special workflows:
  • extensive indexing, structuring and (post)processing of scans
  • Enrichment of metadata integration in the MyBib eDoc and Medea3 environment
  • Interlibrary loan
  • Mass digitization
  • Catalog enrichment
  • Retrodigitization
  • Assembly of presentation systems
AdministrationConfiguration of existing workflowsDefinition of workflows and toolbar configurations for BCS-2 Professional/Office